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Whether you are travelling to an exotic location or a simple family holiday, ones someone’s health will inevitably suffer. Insect bites, tummy troubles, sleeplessness, travel sickness and sunburn are common problems. Luckily nature is filled with fantastic remedies that easily and effectively protect and bring about fast relief.


Travel sickness:

Travel sickness, believed to be caused by a disturbance in the organs of balance sound in the inner ear, can be a serious problem if you are one of the unlucky ones who is affected by it. Ginger Tincture taken 25 minutes before you travel has been proven to be more effective in alleviating travel sickness than prescription drugs. Our Travel Sickness Pills (Homeopathic remedy: Cocculus, Tabacum & Petroleum 6c) allow your body to acclimatise to new environments and help prevent jet lag.


Jet Lag:

Jet Lag Pills (Homeopathic remedy: Arnica 30c & Cocculus 30c) will prevent body clock disruption, sleep disturbance and muscle stiffness caused by Jet Lag. Suck one pill before your flight and every two – four hours during your flight. On landing, continue to suck one pill twice a day for two days for full relief from them symptoms of jet lag.

Tummy Troubles:

With a change in food, someone will usually end up with tummy troubles. If travelling to a zone where the change is drastic, like India, North Africa or event Asia, it is very wise to take a daily dose of our Immune Support Tincture to keep your immune system strong. But we still never travel without our trusted homeopathic Food Poisoning Pills (homeopathic remedy: Arsen Alb, Nux Vom, Mag Phos, Carbo Veg & China). This pills have saved us on more than one occasion and are safe for the whole family to use.


Insect bits can ruin your day while on holiday so make sure you back your Organic Pharmacy Insect Repellent Spray. This miracle worker contains Neem and Citronella, two of the most effective natural insect repellent, and safe to use on children over 6 months old! Repeated scratching of an insect bite can leave to infection, so be sure to take your Insect Bite Spray. Combining Echinacea, Arnica, Pyrethrum, Urtica and Marigold, our Insect Bite Spray instantly soothes and calms those nasty bites, bringing immediate relief from the terrible itching.

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