Lunar Cleanse

Lunar Cleanse at The Organic Pharmacy


The Moon has a powerful impact on our mind and body. Humans have been aware of the moon’s effect on the earth and the human body since the beginning of salivation. It is well known the moon affects the earth’s bodies of water, its rivers and oceans with gravitational pull. The moon also affects the 50-65 % of water that the human body is made up of. As the moon moves through the lunar phases the body also is said to make subtle shifts. Aligning detoxification and cleansing with the moon phases is an age-old practice.

The next full moon (a.k.a The Wolf Moon) is predicted to occur on 31st January 2018. To be mindful of this opportunity The Organic Pharmacy brings to you a new treatment called The
Lunar Cleanse for mind and body renewal. The treatment includes a Vitamin and Mineral Health
Assessment, measuring your body’s strengths and weaknesses followed by a strong and powerful lower body treatment using green coffee and chili oil to really kick start the cleanse, incorporating massage techniques to help reduce bloating and stimulate the flow of lymph and micro circulation.

The Organic Pharmacy Lunar Cleanse £75 In all stores as of 30th January

To book your Lunar Cleanse call or email The Organic Pharmacy stores on

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