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Fight hayfever with our new all-natural spray

Despite a few false starts it looks like we can finally start to enjoy Spring, but for many they bring misery as the symptoms of Hayfever or seasonal allergic disorder kick in. A runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, fatigue and headaches, far from celebrating the new season, for sufferers it can be debilitating.

Hayfever affects us when pollen and plant spores cause the immune system to overreact and release a group of chemicals from our cells, which include histamine, leukotrienes, and eosinophil cationic protein (ECP). These chemicals are responsible for both the immediate allergic responses and chronic inflammatory reactions.

Nature has an arsenal of anti-inflammatory herbs that are very effective anti-histamines and our hayfever solutions are always on hand.

Discover our solutions:

NEW Hayfever Spray


Soothe and calm the symptoms of hayfever this season with our new Hayfever Spray. Containing a potent blend of pharmaceutical grade organic chamomile, nettle and elderflower extracts, it can be sprayed directly on the tongue to help quickly reduce and relieve the irritation of hayfever.

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Perfect partners with our Quercetin & Vitamin C Complex Capsules to help reduce allergic and inflammatory reactions.

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Have you also tried?


Homeopathic Hayfever Pills

(Euphrasia, Sabadilla, Alliun Cepa & Nat Mur)

This combination helps control several symptoms – runny, sore eyes and sneezing. Two pills should be take up to five times a day.

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Mixed Pollens & Grasses

A chemical-free formula desensitises pollen and grass allergies during the worst months, giving Hayfever sufferers a chance to have a carefree Spring and Summer. Take 15 drops in water, three times a day as needed.

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Sneezaway Tincture

This combination of Chamomile, Nettle and Elderflower is rich in anti-inflammatory anti-histamines making them perfect to support you through the summer months and reduce symptoms of sneezing and runny eyes. Take 15 drops in water, three times a day as needed.

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