Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas all Wrapped up

Cherry picked gifts for even the hardest to please

Whether you are shopping in store or on-line, good things come in beautiful packages!

Build a bespoke gift for that special someone or choose from our range of ready-to-go gifts and hero products in our Christmas Gift Guide. Your items will be gift wrapped in store or on-line beautifully in an Organic Pharmacy gift box, lined with tissue paper and finished with a beautiful blue ribbon.

Limited Edition Gifts for the Whole Family


Digital divs

 For the Digital Diva

Our intensly hydrating Rose Diamond Eye Cream minimises lines, wrinkles, dark circles, bags and puffiness around the eyes. Light Reflecting Computer Glasses have amber lenses to reduce eye strain and re-establish healthy sleep patterns by blocking out 50% of blue wavelengths.

Skincare Enthausiast

For the Skincare Enthusiast

Our eye contour cream instantly firms, brightens and hydrates the skin around the eyes, minimising lines, wrinkles, dark circles, bags and puffiness. Pair it with our rich luxurious face cream that plumps and firms skin, adding a healthy glow.

Body Beautiful

For the Body Beautiful

Invigorate mind and body with a potent, detoxifying mineral-rich salt soak, infused with purifying seaweed & juniper and a shower gel to revitalise and refresh with essential oils and Italian olive oil, gently and deeply cleansing the body without drying it. The natural bristles of the skin brush gently exfoliate and boost the circulation and lymphatic system.

Fitness Fan

For the Fitness Fan

Help someone kick-start a healthy new year with this dynamic duo – a potent detoxifying mineral-rich salt soak to purify and revitalise and a super body oil brimming with invigorating juniper, grapefruit and rosemary. The natural bristles of the skin brush gently exfoliate and boost the circulation and lymphatic system – a home spa treatment in a box!

Sensual gift

For the Sensual One

This is a pampering 10-minute indulgent ritual thanks to a wonderful exotic smelling rich body oil that uplifts the mind and leaves skin delicately fragrances. Prep skin with the skin brush – the natural bristles of the skin brush gently exfoliate and boost the circulation and lymphatic system, leaving skin totally touchable.

Marvellous Multitasker

For the Marvellous Multitasker

Treat someone to georgeous sugar and salt scrub followed by a sensual relaxing bath infused with milk, rose petals and essential oils. Finish with a rich, deeply nourishing face mask infused with honey and jasmine. Decadent me-time that will bring out the foddess hiding within.

Nutritional advocate

For the Nutritional Advocate

A powerful Antioxidant Face Serum, ncknamed ‘the instant facelift’ by The Organic Pharmacy customers, antioxidant Face Gel that lifts and minimises pores, mops up free radicals and reduces wrinkles and Superantioxidant capsules to protect from free radicals and rejuvenate cells from the inside, ideal for frequent flyers, to help combat pollution and soothe those who are stressed.


For the Healthista

A gentle and effective home kit of supplements to rejuvenate, cleanse and regenerate your entire system without starvation. Theis 10-day course of nourishing supplements cleanses the gut of toxins and restores the body’s good bacteria.


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