Season-proof Your Skin Care


Although the days may be shorter and the nights a little longer, Autumn brings with it the joy of a new season; from the glorious golden light to leaf crunching and snuggling in our favourite knitwear, the change is season means now is the time to adapt your skin care regime to meet the demands of the cooler weather.

Autumnal weather can be a difficult time for our skins; the drop in temperature outside and the warmth inside as we switch on our heating means skin can be left in need of some serious TLC.

We’ve put together our top five essential beauty tips to see you and your skin through the change in seasons.

1. Gentle exfoliation

While the colder air may make your skin feel more sensitive and sore than usual, it’s important to still keep exfoliating the skin to ensure skin stays in tip top condition. Regular, gentle exfoliation – twice a week is fine – helps to increase cell turnover, removing dead skin cells that can make skin look dull and lacklustre, as well as helping serums and moisturisers work more effectively, to leave your skin glowing and full of radiance.


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Our Rose Diamond Exfoliating Cleanser will help reveal more luminous skin thanks to bio-fermented enzymes that gently dissolve dead skin cells to leave skin smoother and brighter, while shea butter and coconut oil nourish and hydrate. For soothing nighttime exfoliation, use our iconic Carrot Butter Cleanser and organic muslin cloth to buff away dull skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.


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2. Strengthen your skin barrier

The lighter lotions that your skin loved over the summer months might not now offer enough hydration, so it’s important to keep moisture levels topped up to ensure it keeps its healthy glow. Strengthening you skin barrier by adding a skin nourishing oil, rich in lipids and ceramides, to your routine will help lock in this much-needed moisture. Skin Rescue oil_RefShop Skin Rescue Oil

Give your skin a little love with our collection of skin nourishing oils to soothe, soften and protect as the days get cooler. For dry chapped skin, our Skin Rescue Oil, infused with evening primrose oil, chickweed and tamanu, will instantly calm and restore, while for an anti-ageing boost, our Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil repairs and helps reverse the signs of sun damage and premature ageing.


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For a complete moisture surge, layer our new Hyaluronic Acid Serum under your moisturiser to help plump and firm the skin.


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3. Keep limbs looking silky

Autumn not only calls for a bit of TLC for our skin care routines, our body care rituals need to be taken up a notch too. Central heating is the number one cause of thirsty skin over the colder months so soothe and comfort dry skin with our nourishing body oils and creams that will leave limbs beautifully soft and smooth.


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Rich and restorative, try our Ultra Dry Skin Cream to quench the skin’s thirst this season. An enriching blend of rosehip, neem, tamanu and evening primrose works quickly to reverse the signs and symptoms of dry skin to leave skin silky soft. And for a lasting memory of Summer, slather on our Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil to be transported back to exotic sunsets and sun-kissed beaches.

Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil

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4. Don’t forget your hands and feet

Dry hands are one of the most noticeable signs that Autumn is on its way. The skin on our hardworking hands doesn’t produce as much natural oil to protect it as other parts of our bodies so they are prone to dryness, particularly in the colder weather. Protect your hands with our Marigold & Comfrey Hand & Nail Cream, a nourishing and repairing cream infused with the healing herbs marigold and comfrey that instantly absorbs on the skin.

Hand cream

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And for feet, keep them in tip-top condition with a regular massage using our Manuka & Peppermint Foot Cream to cool, refresh and nourish, keeping heels soft and nails healthy. Come Spring, your feet will thank you for it.


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5. Stock up on supplements

Throughout Autumn and Winter, vital nutrients such as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D are in short supply and with a range of health concerns, including rickets, diabetes and even depression linked to its deficiency, it’s worth taking note. Natural Vitamin D_Shadow Shop Vitamin D Complex

Our natural and organic Vitamin D Complex is derived from Agaricus mushrooms which just like humans produce Vitamin D when exposed to UVB. Combined with organic Alfalfa they provide 400IU of Vitamin D per capsule and the phytonutrients present in Alfalfa. Use with our Superantioxidant Capsules, which protect and rejuvenate cells from free radical damage and promote good circulation, to stay well this season.


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