10 Days to spring clean and quit sugar


Spring is a natural time for us to achieve a deep and powerful cleanse, the idea time to spring clean and quit sugar. Spring represents new life, new birth, a renewal of the winter hibernation. Just as the earth wakes up with blossoms and daffodils and new birds our bodies join this universal biorhythm a detox at this time is really powerful and deep acting. Most of us think of detox as fasting, starvation and suffering but we don’t. A spring cleanse can be really fun and completely rejuvenating.

Sugar Overdose

Eating a healthy organic and seasonal diet is the great part of this cleanse as well as eliminating refined sugar. It’s important to remember that sugar or glucose is our body’s primary energy. Our cells and brain rely on glucose to function.

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So why is it so bad and what has happened to our consumption
of sugar that has such a detrimental effect on our bodies?
Since glucose itself is not the problem, it’s how much sugar and what type of sugar that’s key. In the past, our main sugar came from fruits and vegetables. Today we find sugar in almost every ready meal, sauces, sodas, juices, cereals and an abundance of
cakes and desserts – an overdose!

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What does sugar do to us in overdose?
Excess glucose is converted to triglycerides that are then stored as fat and accumulate in the blood where they react with the body’s proteins and cause glycation – a damaging reaction that causes chronic inflammation. One of these protein molecules that is damaged by sugar is collagen, which is key in keeping the skin looking young. The result is greater dryness and an increase in wrinkles and loss of firmness.
Ingesting sugar from sodas, fruit juices, ice creams and chocolate floods our system with high-dose glucose and fructose whereas the sugars in fruit are released slowly because the sugar first needs to be released from the cell walls through digestion. In addition, whole fruits also contain plant nutrients and fibre whereas sugar and sugary foods contain none. Excessive sugar is also a contributing factor to cancer of the digestive tract as well as a significant contributor to ageing diseases.

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In conclusion, glucose is essential for our body but in small doses from fruit rather than sugar from sodas, fruit juices, sauces, or refined carbohydrates such as pastries and white flour. Making the change can be hard because sugar is also highly addictive but once eliminated from the diet it’s surprising how easy it is to avoid and how much better you will feel and look. But please don’t go down the artificial sugar route – as aspartame in itself has huge issues. With side effects such as headaches, vertigo, dizziness, depression, anxiety attacks and nausea to name a few- it is not a healthy alternative to sugar.


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