Improve your health with our Health Assessment


Why should people have an Organic Pharmacy Health Assessment?

A: Often when it comes to our health, we tend to just accommodate the symptoms; we get used to having regular headaches, we expect bloating after we eat, we get used to catching every cold that comes around. Everyone has stress, so we tend to ignore the physical effects it has on us. Ultimately these symptoms hold us back and stop us from reaching our goals or fulfilling our potential. By using our health assessment, we work with clients to help them reach their full potential.

The Health Assessment is performed by homeopaths – what knowledge do they bring to the process?

A: Our homeopaths are well versed in biology, diet, stress management, herbs and supplements in addition to homeopathy. Our homeopaths offer a full health service and the consultation portion of the assessment offers a brilliant opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge.

How does the Galvanic Body scan work?

A: Our scan uses electrical impulses, which are sent throughout the body and read via a harness. The scan is looking at the body’s response to stress, vitamin and mineral levels, hormonal imbalances, oxygenation, hydration, toxicity and antioxidants.

How do you assess the influence of factors such as lifestyle, emotion and family life on a person’s health?

A: Stress is so often the underlying cause of physical symptoms and it can come as a result of, or be exacerbated by, our lifestyle, how we handle our emotions and how we interact with those around us. In the consultation, we can ascertain the extent to which lifestyle, diet and emotions are affecting symptoms.

Following the tests, how do you then devise a treatment plan?

A: We take a holistic approach by making a bespoke plan to suit each individual client. We take into consideration necessary diet changes, as well as looking at what supplementation is needed, which herbs can be used to shift a condition and what remedy would best suit the entire person.

How do you ensure clients stick with the plan with busy lifestyles?

A: Because the plan is bespoke, we make sure that it is also doable. We devise something that the client feels confident they will be able to do. When it comes to sticking with the plan, our clients report feeling better much quicker than they had anticipated. Feeling better can be a great motivator.

Is it important that people come back to have their progress monitored?

A: Yes it is. If we devised a plan to shift a condition, chances are the clients routine will need to change, once they are feeling better. Occasionally things need to be tweaked and a follow-up appointment is the best way to do this.

How quickly do you expect to see results?

This generally depends on the client’s condition, however they could expect to see improvements within a week to 10 days. That’s how confident we are of it’s effectiveness.

Call or visit your local The Organic Pharmacy store to find out more and book your Health Assessment – 90mins £150/$200, 45mins (follow up) £75/$100.

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