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Spring, the perfect time for a detox

The equinox marks the official start of spring – the moment when the sun is directly above the equator and moving from one hemisphere to the other causing a shift in energy.

During the winter, our bodies can become sluggish as they slow down to conserve energy, which results in a build up of toxins. As we move into spring, the energy shift from the equinox stimulates the body to start naturally cleansing itself of winter waste in preparation for the summer. This means by starting a detox at this natural biorhythm, the effects will be even more powerful.

The effects of toxins on your body…

We’re constantly hearing about it on the news – from industrial emissions and exhaust fumes, to household cleaning products and air fresheners, in the course of everyday life our bodies are bombarded with toxins and chemicals. When we’re overloaded with toxins, much of our body’s energy is spent trying to eliminate the toxins affecting its everyday functionality. The result? Tiredness, headaches, mood swings, digestive problems, the list keeps going.

Here are some of the effects of household pollutants 

The Organic Pharmacy partner with Grace Belgravia for the ultimate spring detox

We’re delighted to partner with Grace Belgravia for the ultimate 10 Day Detox


The Organic Pharmacy have joined forces with London’s leading health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women, Grace Belgravia to combine our 10 Day Detox Kit with the Grace Healthly Home Delivery Cleanse Menu; a fresh, seasonal 10 day meal plan, that’s free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten.

Delivered straight to you office or home, the menu features a delicious selection of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus two snacks, making your detox as easy as possible. The Organic Pharmacy 10 Day Detox kit complements this meal plan perfectly, giving your body the additional nutrition, vitamins and minerals it needs to clear the body of toxins and leave you feeling rejuvenated with a new lease of vitality.

Following The Organic Pharmacy and Grace Belgravia 10 Day Detox will help cleanse your body of these harmful toxins, rejuvenating the entire system and resulting in increased energy levels, glowing skin, improved sleep and many more benefits. How to order your 10 Day Detox Programme. To make a booking or for any questions contact the Wellbeing Team at Grace Belgravia – contact wellbeingteam@gracebelgravia.com / +44 (0) 207 235 8900

The 10 Day Detox Programme is £99.00 for the supplement kit and £32.00 per day + delivery for the meal plan. Delivery is available to addresses within five miles of Grace.

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