Gorgeous Healthy Locks

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Gorgeous healthy locks this summer in just three steps!

Dull hair is often down to a combination of using harsh chemical products and lack of nutrients. Our three step hair system delivers thick luscious hair that looks healthy
and feels fabulous.

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Step 1
Phytonutrients – Full of natural plant vitamins and minerals to feed and promote healthy   hair and boost growth. Take two capsules each morning.

“Rosemary and Arnica are two of
the most important ingredients for
healthy hair growth, that’s why I’ve
added them to our Hair Serum.
Massage two drops into your
scalp every night for beautiful hair.”
Margo Marrone


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Step 2
Hair Serum – Infused with Arnica, Rosemary and Lavender to boost hair growth. Massage two drops into the scalp every night before bed. A few drops can be used all over hair to reduce frizziness and give the hair an incredible shine.
Apply a few drops to lashes & eye brows.

“The fabulous Jasmine-scented Shampoo
is perfect for all hair types, it’ll give you a
never-seen-before gloss that quickly
becomes addictive.”
Glamour Magazine

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Step 3
Jasmine Shampoo and Conditioner -So often harsh detergents and silicones in shampoos and conditioners irritate the scalpand strip hair. Our shampoos are gentle and use plant based cleansing agents that don’t strip the hair and our conditioners use plant oils
and waxes for maximum shine.

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