Breast, Neck & Bottom Enhancing Lotion

Breast, Neck & Bottom Enhancing LotionIntroducing the new Breast, Neck & Bottom Enahncing Lotion from The Organic Pharmacy

How to improve your Bust and Bottom without surgery

It all seems a bit frivolous but lets face it women are just as interested in their cleavage as men. Italian and French women know that spending a few minutes each day looking after your neck, decolete and bust will keep the whole area looking fresh and young.  Unlike the face, the neck, decolete and bust have smaller sebaceous glands and so tend to get dry more easily which is why French women apply bust creams religiously and use cold water to firm the skin. To help boost and firm both the bust and bottom we’ve created the Breast, Neck & Bottom Enhancing Lotion. The two clinically proven ingredients Mukul and Kigelia are known for their plumping and firming effect. Mukul has a natural replumping and volumising effect and can enhancing breast size by a cup size after 6 weeks. Kigelia is known for its skin tightening and firming effect. To this we’ve added some other super star ingredients such as Omega 6 Ceramide Safflower extract and Sodium hyaluronate further boost the plumping and volumising effect on the breast, neck & bottom.

The results:

Smoothed, volumised, firmed and toned the skin. Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the décolleté and neck. Key actives enhance breast size for a fuller cup.

For those who want or need a more intense treatments we’ve launched our NEW Non Surgical Ultimate Breast Lift

This potent treatment lifts, tones the bust are with micro current and our specially developed Brest Neck and Bottom Lotion.Powerful actives and microelectrical impulses firm underlying muscle tissue, lift and enhance bust after just one session. It also plumps wrinkles on the neck, decolette and bust.

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