Anti-Ageing Meditation


Anti-ageing Meditation

 Meditation is nothing new- the practice of meditation has been going on for 1000’s of years but science is juts catching up. Research shows that meditation can reduce the effects of stress in just 3 days as well as have a positive effect on anxiety, creativity, anger management and mental clarity. We’ve asked Padma Coram a renowned mindfulness and transformation coach to share with us a technique focused on mental and physical rejuvenation. Whilst there are many forms of meditation Padma shares her 2-step process, which will help to transform how you feel in just 21 days.

Dubai and London based Wellness and Lifestyle practitioner, Padma Coram has lived with monks in the Himalayas and Japan, worked with Mother Theresa, travelled with Deepak Chopra and formed a humanitarian foundation.

My 2-step process is exceptionally powerful and I have seen it transform my clients to feel alive and rejuvenated in just 21 days.

Spare 20 minutes every day morning and evening. Find a quiet place, preferably the same place every day as the mind associates locations and emotions so the process becomes more effective.

Step 1

When you wake up, before getting out of bed, stretch from head to toe and really feel the stretch and then relax. Repeat this twice.

Still lying in bed, close your eyes and scan your body starting from the toes, move all the way up to your scalp.

Give each part attention and thanks (toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, backbone, spinal column, chest, heart, arms fingers, wrists, neck, mouth lips eyes nose jaw line , forehead and hair scalp.

If you feel nothing in the beginning that is okay – over 10 days you WILL feel the change and notice all feelings

Step 2

Next, go inside your mind and heart and think of the day ahead of how you WANT it to be and NOT how it MAY be. Smile and give gratitude to the upcoming day. Stretch again and sit up in bed. Be relaxed back straight and breath deeply. Let your tummy bulge out and count to 5. Hold to 5 and breathe out through your nose and not the mouth and let the tummy flatten. Notice your abdomen go up and down.

Next, continue to sit still with your hands over your heart, eyes closed and imagine yourself under a waterfall. See this magical water wash away all your physical and emotional ailments and flush into the earth. See the empty spaces where you had the negative emotions or aches and pain being replaced with amazing vitality, new cells, youth generating strength and happy experiences.

If your mind gets distracted gently bring it back to this happy space. Now keep your eyes closed and repeat for a few minutes in your head silently ‘I welcome new positive experiences’, for example, abundance, joy, peace, courage, strength, powerful, energised etc. Finish with a final stretch and enjoy your day.

Repeat the same thing at night either sitting or at bedtime. 

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