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Mental Health Awareness

Looking after your mental health naturally by Yanar Alkayat Everyone is different when it comes to mental health. Problems range from the worries and emotions we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions. According to the …

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Back to School Health Tips

As the summer draws to a close and we prepare for a new school term, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to send the kids back to school with a boosted immune system to fight off the …

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Olympics & sports health. Inside and out

It’s a well-known fact that diet, nutrition and the right supplementation can help you to achieve peak physical performance. Whether you exercise for recreation, are a dancer or a professional athlete, the right plan can increase performance, endurance and sheer …

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New Gene Expression Lifting Serum

New Gene Expression Lifting Serum The modulation of gene expression as a new skin anti-aging strategy has been looked at for several years however it wasn’t until I spent time with the geneticists at Imperial College that I fully understood …

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Beauty SOS

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Keep Healthy this Summer

Whether you are travelling to an exotic location or on a simple family holiday, someone’s health will inevitably suffer. Insect bites, tummy problems, sleeplessness, travel sickness and sunburn are common problems that can easily ruin a perfect holiday. Luckily nature …

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Relieve stress and anxiety naturally

It seems like Stress is the modern man’s disease- have we become adrenaline junkies, addicted to exciting past times, high powered jobs, having to juggle family, home and work? I’m pretty sure our ancestors had their fair share of stress …

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