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Love your Scars – Rose Hip Oil

High up in the Andes mountains in Chile grows a remarkable bush: The wild rose plant. Its bright red fruits (hips) contain seeds that are rich in an oil with remarkable properties. I first came across this Chilean oil 10 …

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Why Use Organic Skin Care

Why Organic? The Importance of Using Organic Skin Care Products As we all know, our skin is the largest organ in our body, it covers our muscles and tissues, and protects us from our environment. Which means that we should …

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Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

Prevention is better than cure, together with Breast Cancer UK that has always been our view and over the years we have shared many workshops and invited key scientists to share their evidence. Today we reiterate the message that EDC’s …

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Life After Breast Cancer

This month we are proud to support the Charity RAFT, which stands for Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust and their campaign Life after Cancer. Their work is focused on healing through scientific discovery such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy; …

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The Science behind Prevention

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