About Margo Marrone

Margo2 In 2002, Margo Marrone, a pharmacist and homeopath and her husband Francesco an Italian graphic designer, opened The Organic Pharmacy with their first shop on the King’s Road. The shop was an instant hit and has won legions of loyal fans and a cult celeb following.

The Organic Pharmacy is an innovative concept using 21st century technology and research to provide luxurious organic and effective products, as well as homeopathic remedies and an urban day spa with treatments, which include the award winning Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial. The Organic Pharmacy was created from Margo’s desire to heal the mind, body and skin in a holistic way. I’m a trained pharmacist and always loved working with herbs and natural remedies and specialised in herbs in my pharmacy degree. For me health is one of the most important aspects of life. I thought I led a healthy lifestyle and diet but 12 years ago I read Dr Bach’s book Heal Thyself about natural ways of healing the body. Dr Bach was a homeopathic physician and his book was a revelation to me. I decided to study homeopathy and see if this is the perfect medicine I had been searching for.

It was- homeopathy was the most versatile and strongest form of medicine I had discovered and there was no going back. I was inspired by an article I read about preservatives in our food and the effects of pesticides on our bodies. I was shocked to discover the toxins in our food and that a non-organic apple can have as many as 20 different pesticides & herbicides residues. My usual 15 minute food shopping experience became a marathon two-hour long label-scrutinising tour. I began researching more on toxins and parabens and read an article discussing the link between carcinogens in skin care. I see cosmetics as part of our health as cosmetics enter our system through our skin. Organic not only keeps us healthy and beautiful but also helps keep our environment toxin free- and supports local communities. Dr Bach’s book and my research inspired me to use a more homeopathic and holistic approach to help heal my clients.

As a result, Margo left her job and trained as a homeopath and started mixing healing blends for herself and family. After having her first baby Roksana in 1998, Margo become more determined not to put anything on her new born that was full of chemicals and toxins. However, she found that a real challenge when shopping on the high street.

The company was built on the principles of honesty, integrity, purity, quality and green environmental thinking. All the products are hand made in the UK with 90% of ingredients sourced from the UK supporting local farmers and lowering the company’s carbon footprint.

The Organic Pharmacy success and skincare evolved from Margo meticulously hand mixing healing tinctures, medicinal creams and blends in the back of the shop, where desperate clients were looking to be helped with coughs, colds as well as skin complaints.

Many people coming to me were at the end of their tether, as they were not getting better with conventional methods and felt lost in the confusing world of alternative treatments. I felt like a detective working out what triggered people?s conditions such as stress, a bad break up or working long hours which often kick started a period of bad health and skin. It felt amazing to have all the tools I needed to really make a difference to people’s lives.

Many of The Organic Pharmacy’s hero products, were hand blended and created by Margo for specific customer?s needs, such as the cult Carrot Butter Cleanser. This award winning and Soil Association Certified cleanser is made up of skin softening shea butter, anti oxidant packed carrot as well as calming and circulation boosting chamomile, St John’s Wort and rosemary. The Organic Pharmacy’s iconic Detox Capsules were also designed by Margo to help purify the body before her clients took her healing tinctures and contains gut repairing and cleansing aloe, slippery elm and burdock Root.

However, she noticed that the detox capsules were actually curing people of varying ailments including puffy eyes, bad skin and breath as well as tiredness caused by toxicity. Margo’s custom made creams, cleansers and serums became a hit with customers through word of mouth who all wanted her creations. The Mother and Baby range was also created around the time of the birth of her second baby, where Margo wanted to create her dream organic and paraben free products for her newborn.

With 4 more stand alone shops in the UK, Beverly Hills and Global Distribution, The Organic Pharmacy has loyal customers from all over the world. The Organic Pharmacy is still a family run business with Margo and Francesco at the helm. Margo is still passionate about all things green and organic and loves creating honest, effective and luxurious organic beauty products.