Teen Skin Care & Make up

3AAAIt is a long time ago since I was a teenager so thirteen still seems like childhood to me, but spending just one minute with my daughter (13) and her friends and I realise that I am speaking to young ladies with strong opinions about what they wear and how they look. It was with trepidation when for her joint birthday party last month my dear friend suggested we have a skincare and make over session at The Organic Pharmacy. Twenty five lovely young ladies joined me and our make up artist to learn- how and why they should cleanse and moisturise their skin, how to choose foundation, how to apply foundation and blush , mascara and lip gloss and how to achieve a natural and beautiful look.

Here are some of the comments afterwards.

“It was fun and I really loved learning how to use all the different products”

“I never knew how to clean my skin- it feels so soft now”

“ I loved the make up and getting to use it myself”

It all starts around the age of 10 when the first pimples start usually on the forehead. Its amazing how traumatising it is for a ten/eleven year old. Simple steps to cleanse will make a huge difference. It also a wonderful mother daughter bonding experience to share the routine together.

Peppermint Face Wash is antibacterial and antiseptic and should be used morning and night with a warm muslin cloth. For sensitive skin use Rose Cleansing Gel. Follow with Manuka Face Cream and once a week Seaweed Clay Mask. For stubborn blemishes use Blemish Gel which has tea tree, echinacea and propolis- gentle but firm!

For make up keep it simple- Antioxidant Foundation in the right colour will look very natural – mix it with Sheer Tint for a really lovely natural glow. Follow with Concealer on any blemishes and Blush on the apples of the cheeks. Finish with Mascara and Lip gloss.

Of course for teenagers of any age organic products are vital particularly because they should not use anything that is likely to affect their hormonal system such as oestrogenic compounds.

Make up and skin care lessons are available in all our stores and a Teen Facial is ideal to introduce the right routine for you teen.

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