Summer Beauty Essentials


The most beautiful coast was the inspiration for our summer must have fragrance – Citron. Not only famous for their breathtaking views, the Amalfi Coast and Capri are also filled with the most incredible lemons and fragrant flowers. Citron is a fresh and uplifting fragrance which moves to a sensual base and epitomises the cool glamour and sophistication of this unique coastline.


Vibrant colours shimmering in the bright sun – Lemon and Coral…


Violet Fuchsia and Aqua look perfect on hands and toes and glowing bronzed limbs.
aqua To get gorgeous golden limbs use Tan accelerator with Betacarotene and Kapi katchu to boost the melanin production in the skin and accelerate tanning. Use with our chemical free, organic sun screen to protect your skin whilst enjoying the sun.


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