Coughs, Colds & Harry Potter

It was with great anticipation this weekend as I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As a huge Harry Potter fan (more so than even my children) I was ready to immerse myself totally. The lights went down , the music started and the movie began and suddenly through the theatre began the symphony of coughs! Rattling chesty coughs, dry irritated ones and tickly ones! I wished I had come prepared with a bag full of Cough & Mucus Tincture which would have instantly soothed the coughs and a hand full of homeopathic Wet Cough Pills and Dry Cough Pills to hand out. They have helped me through many potentially sleepless nights when the children have had coughs and shortened the duration by half. Perhaps along with the popcorn and nachos Cough & Mucus Tincture should be on offer this time of year!

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