Health Assessment


Discover a unique insight into your body with our award winning Health Assessment. There is no better way than to start the year than in our expert hands and learn about your body’s needs.

Our Health assessment is a combination of a homeopathic consultation along with a Galvanic Body scan which measures the electrical conductance of the skin related to sweat gland responses. Because the sweat glands are controlled by our nervous system (sympathetic system), the scan relies on the skin’s conductance as an indicator of psychological and physiological stimulation. In addition to galvanic, it also uses electrochemistry and bioimpedance.

The treatment begins with a discussion with one of our homeopaths. We ask about diet, exercise, lifestyle, emotion and family health. The scan then looks at stress levels, vitamin and mineral status, hormonal imbalances, oxygenation, hydration, toxicity and antioxidants.  Based on this and the rest of the consultation , our homeopath recommends a personalized programme to get you back to feeling fabulous.

To book and assessment visit contact us and call our store nearest to you.

See what the press say below:

“Two weeks later and it’s a few days until my holiday, I feel fresh, fit and sparkling. The whites of my eye are clear, my bloated stomach has flattened considerably and I am springing out of bed in the morning (unheard of!). This detox is gentle and very easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. The diet is easy and realistic”  Company Magazine


“By day four I was buzzing with physical and mental energy and, according to my husband, looked like a more lustrous version of myself. I didn’t lose weight, but my bloated tummy was noticeably flatter.” Lesley Thomas Telegraph


“My skin glowed, the whites of my eyes were brighter, my energy levels were off the scale and I felt generally lighter.  By week three I was down a jeans size”Get the Gloss

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