SCI FI Organic Facials the present and future of Anti-ageing- Ultimate Lift and Rejuvenate Facial

Ultimate Lift & Rejuvenate Facial



Radio Frequency, Diamond Microderm-abrasion, Oxygen Jets, Vitamin and Hyaluronic Acid Infusion, Micro current technology… sounds more like Science Fiction than an organic facial but that’s exactly what it is- a high tech organic facial for the ladies and gents who want to avoid invasive treatments but still get the face lifting results.

The facial starts with a thorough examination and discussion to identify each persons needs. Mine was my jaw line which was going south a bit too much for my liking, my neck and the pigmentation on my forehead.

Knowing that these were my main concerns, Sunita my fabulous therapist began with a thorough double cleanse followed by my first mask- salon strength Enzyme Peel Mask.   Then came the diamond microderm abrasion. Unlike Aluminium crystal ones which not only can be inhaled but also scrape and irritate the skin, diamond microderm abrasion uses an actual diamond tip to gently remove the surface of the skin and reveal new fresh cells underneath. Opposed to dry microderm abrasion this facial uses organic rose water along with the tip to ensure no irritation and no down time.

Dermabrasion helps improve skin tone and texture, reduce enlarged pores, help increase elasticity and reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage and black heads. Skin will look hydrated and fresher and younger.


For the next step Sunita sprays my face and neck with an organic vitamin and hyaluronic acid infused oxygen jet followed by a high potency oxygen mask and high pressure oxygen jets that help push the vitamins, hyaluronic acid and oxygen into my skin to help plump it up and smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles.

Radio Frequency comes next (read about it’s benefits here) and after my wrinkles were thoroughly ironed away, we went straight onto Micro Current. A low level electric current that mirrors the body’s own natural current, stimulates the the cell to create ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) known as the energy molecule. ATP induces muscle contraction and collagen and elastin synthesis. It helps re-educate the muscles in the face to tone, lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging muscles (like a work out for the face).

We finish with the final mask- Collagen Boost  and the Oxygen Dome which does look very sci fi but helps oxygenate the whole body and relax the system.   The result – pretty amazing I have to say. My jaw line is lifted, the wrinkles on my neck and forehead considerably faded, my face fresher, brighter, hydrated and soft.

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