BB creams vs Tinted Moisturisers vs Foundation

BB, CC,DD creams ……  I’ve tried really hard the past year to understand the difference between a BB, a foundation and a tinted moisturiser. As for CC I still don’t get it despite several attempts for my formulator mind to fathom the differences. Even the girls on various counters had difficulty explaining the differences to me.


So here it is as I see it. A tinted moisturiser is a light tinted cream like BB but with less pigment and also has skin cream benefits so you could skip your moisturiser- in theory. A BB has more pigment like a foundation but its also a moisturiser. Would I substitute a BB for a moisturiser- NEVER! A moisturiser should be packed with actives to suit your skin and is very personalised and targeted so how could a BB suit all skin issues?


The Organic Pharmacy BB Cream

Granted most foundations on the market have no benefit so a hybrid between your moisturiser and foundation seems like a novelty but the truth is our Organic Glam foundation is such a beautiful formula packed with antioxidants and nourishing oils which is why it looks like your second skin. So in my mind our foundation is a BB if that’s what a BB is. Still confused?


As for a CC cream this is new but old school. Surely the future of beauty should be to treat skin condition from within and not mask it. Besides how could one cream mask all the skin colour problems we have- red nose, dark circles, pigmentation… I’m not convinced.


Unless I can come up with an incredible formula to justify a BB cream, CC or even DD I’m  afraid it’s moisturiser, sheer tint and foundation for me unless you lovely ladies can convince me otherwise. So please share your BB, CC or DD experiences or lack of and tell us what you think.


Are we alone in what we think….. ?


2 Responses to “BB creams vs Tinted Moisturisers vs Foundation”

Jen Mathews says:

Excellent points! I don’t get it either! Many BB Creams are way too heavy and thick for my sensitive, combination skin anyway.

Laura says:

Good points! I personally have been using an oil based serum and tinted spf cream for ages, it is alll I need. Shame though that most natural tint formulas are spf free…

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