From Pink to Prevention

On Wednesday night we were thrilled to host the screening of Pink Ribbon inc in conjunction with Tipping Point Film Fund and Alliance for Cancer Prevention followed by a discussion with a panel of experts.

The Organic Pharmacy Pink Ribbons Inc Screening

Our panel included Elizabeth Salter Green- founding director of CHEM Trust, Deborah Burton- co founder of the tipping point film fund, Helen Lynn-from The Alliance for Cancer Prevention, Di Dowling- a researcher and lecturer, and Dr Domenig of The Mayr Gesundheitszentrum, Austria.

The aim of screening was to increase awareness about ways in which we can help prevent cancer a topic that is rarely discussed. As consumers and brands we are responsible to take action and ensure what we do and buy helps us reduce exposure to cancer causing agents in our environment.  For anyone that missed the screening, please click here to watch the trailer


Below we’ve included an information page about the event and a SAVE THE DATE for the 29th June for our Cancer Prevention: A Toxic Tour which is a 90 minute walk that will share information so that we can all feel empowered to act as consumers, workers and citizens. We’d love for you to join us for the tour and bring friends and family who may be interested.


Organic Pharmacy ~ Alliance for Cancer Prevention ~ Tipping Point Film Fund 

There are many ways to get more involved in learning about environmental and occupational links to breast cancer. Everything from simply informing yourself better, through to thinking twice about the products you buy, to taking action, as a concerned worker, consumer and citizen. 


LEARN MORE: PINK RIBBONS INC ‘tools for change’

USA focused but full of useful pointers for us in the UK on how we can understand more about the issue.



COSMETICS: Organic Pharmacy 


CONSUMER AND OCCUPATIONAL: Alliance for Cancer Prevention 



  • As well as getting more informed on all these issues you can also find out more about what your elected representatives are doing.. try asking some basic questions!
  • Ask your MP why environmental and occupational risk factors for breast cancer are NOT included in all national cancers plans and strategies right across England, Wales, Scotland Northern Ireland
  • Write to your MEP voicing your concern about the lack of proper regulation in connection with toxic chemicals such as endocrine disruptor’s links to breast cancer in consumer products.


 SAVE THE DATE!!  Saturday 29th June Midday

Cancer Prevention: A Toxic Tour


From Pink to Prevention ~  Cancer Prevention: A Toxic Tour


The notion of the ‘toxic tours’ originated in the USA with tours held annually in San Francisco. The first ‘toxic tour’ in the UK was organised by Helen Lynn and the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) and held in London. This is the second tour of this kind in London, linking environmental and occupational links to cancers in general and breast cancer in particular, again in London.


The alternative health walk takes in parks, shops and parliament. It will give you a whole new perspective on how environmental and occupational factors are linked to cancer. It will show why we need to influence key players in the breast cancer debate in the effort to get them to take on board a much ignored aspect – the links between breast cancer and the environment around us from our first environment the womb, through our work and lived environment.  


The tour will begin at midday and will last approx. 90mins


Meeting Point: Christchurch Gardens SW1


The walk is about information sharing so that we all can feel more  empowered to act as consumers, workers and citizens; and how you can vote with your purse as well as your voice.


Venues include:    St. James Park,   Victoria Place Shopping Centre, The Department of Health,  Emily Pankhurst statue, Houses of Parliament.   


Sign up here if you would like to be contacted with information on our Toxic Tour


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