Surgery and Homeopathy

Whether you choose to have elective or cosmetic surgery or need to have a life saving operation going through surgery is a major process. Not only is it frightening but you also need to heal properly afterwards to reduce complications. With a little preparation and some homoeopathy the whole procedure can be less traumatic and the recovery smoother and hopefully without incident.

Before you have surgery making sure your body is in the best condition possible will really help improve the outcome. The first thing I always recommend is do our 10 day detox at least a month before surgery to cleanse your body and allow the body to be at its best. Feeding the body nutrients is also important before surgery to correct any deficiencies. Vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body and optimum health and they work with enzymes to help tissue repair, cell production and metabolism to name a few. The body can’t manufacture vitamins except for D, K and biotin, the rest has to come from Food and supplements so its vital before surgery to make sure the body has a good supply. Detoxing will really help the digestive tract to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins.


Here are some of my essentials…

Fear is obviously a big part of surgery with worry, insomnia and anxiety the symptoms. There are many homoeopathic remedies that help with this :

Argent Nitricum- This is best suited for those  who have anxiety brought about by fear. It is useful for claustrophobia, stage fright and anxiety and can be accompanied  by an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhoea.

Aconite – Aconite is a great remedy for fear and shock and can be accompanied by panic attacks.

Gelsemium- Gelsemium has fear with weakness, trembling and anxiety. It can also have diarrhoea and vertigo.

SOS- A mixture of flower essences designed to help calm the mind.

Arsenicum- this is for the person who needs to be in control, with a strong fear of death and a very fastidious personality.

I would also say – try not to think about the complications or what might happen as you have no control over this but really focus on the things that you can do to recover faster and to be as healthy as possible before going in.

Take one pill as often as you need unto 4 times a day before in the weeks leading up to the procedure. We can make a mixture up from our dispensary and the best strength would be a 30C.

Surgery kitAnasthesia

The next hurdle is to recover from anaesthesia as quickly as possible.

Phosphorus 200c : Phosphorus is used for those who have a lot of trouble in recovering from the effects of anasthesia following surgery. Common symptoms include disorientation, stupor and physical weakness, nausea and vomiting. Vomiting after drinking liquids is also common even though a person continues to remain thirsty. The presence of one or more of these symptoms calls for the use of Phosphorus as a homeopathic remedy. It can be used on its own or combined with Staphisagria.

Staphysagria 200 is used in homeopathy following a surgical procedure where there is a persistent pain at the site of a surgical incision. It can also be used following procedures like prostate surgery, hysterectomies, Cesarian sections, episiotomies and other surgeries on the reproductive system. It can also be used for surgical procedures of the abdominal area such as the stomach, abdomen and rectum, including haemorrhoids and the use of catheters.

2 pills or powder as soon as you are out of surgery and repeat 12 hours later. You can continue the Staphisagria for several weeks after surgery until the wound is healed.


Healing and recovering

Arnica 200C- better known as a homeopathic remedy for bruising, Arnica is also excellent for shocks, and can help reduce bruising and trauma that goes with deep surgery. It can also aid in preventing or reducing blood clots post surgery and help reduce soreness and reduce swelling.

Calendula 200C- known in homeopathy as the magic healer and a great homeopathic antiseptic. It keeps wounds infection and germ free when taken internally and helps wounds heal.

Hypericum 200C- known in homeopathy as another great healer with affinity for nerves, Hypericum can be used to help reduce pain after surgery and nerves to heal after being severed. A great antiviral together with calendula they help keep woulds infection free.

2 pills as soon as you are able to after surgery- take unto 6 times a day to speed up healing and help reduce risk on infection.



Naturally one of the main side effects of surgery is scarring and there are homeopathic remedies available to help reduce and minimise scarring. The main ones are:

Silicea 30c- Silicea is a homeopathic remedy traditionally used to help reduce the appearance of keloid scars and even help prevent their formation.

Thiosinaminum 30c- A homeopathic remedy known for its ability to dissolve scar tissue.

Graphites 30c- A great skin remedy. In scarring it helps reduce scarring even old scars.

Calc Fluor 30c- Calc Flour helps keep the skin elastic and has an affinity to connective tissue.graphites f

Prunella Vulgaris 6x- Also known as self heal this remedy may help skin recover more quickly.

Two pills three times a day as soon after surgery as you can. Take along with Arnica/Hypericum/ Calendula.


Rose Hip Oil

The fabled Rose hip oil is clinically proven to help reduce scars and scar tissue. With a host of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and trans retinoic acid. Apply to the cut twice a day as soon as the would has closed and the bandage removed.Continue for 2 months after surgery.

Rosehip Oil2

Constipation and Bowel flora

This may sound like a strange side effect of surgery but with all the morphine/pain killers that everyone is given post surgery followed by codeine based pain killers it can take most people at least 5 days before their first stool movement post surgery. This means that you will probably be kept in hospital for longer. Most people are also routinely given Antibiotics so getting the bowel flora balanced is essential. Its worth starting high strength intense probiotics before surgery- One capsule of 8 billion a day increasing it to 2 capsules after surgery. To keep stools loose be sure to drink plenty of water as soon as you can- at least 8 glasses a day. It is worth taking homeopathic Opium 6c once the morphine has been stopped. A few doses should do it until you get a stool movement.

 intense probiotics

The Essential supplements

It does take time to recover particularly controlling the pain and regaining energy. Naturally rest and don’t overdo it but keeping moving is also important. To help with general tissue repair and energy there are 3 supplements I would say are essential:

Skin radiance- with Acai, Goji, Chitosan, Glucosamine, Silica and Rose Hips this supplement will help rebuild the tissues.- 4 capsules daily after surgery

Superantioxidants- Really important to help the body recover and boost energy.- 2 capsules daily

Essential fatty Acid and B Complex- Essential for tissue repair and for the skin.- 2 capsules daily

4 weeks after surgery do another detox to help the body get rid of residual pain killers and boost energy.


Many of the above remedies excluding supplements and Detox are available in our Surgery kit . The rest are available either by mail order or in any of our stores. You can also speak to our homoeopaths and pharmacists about a personalised Surgery plan and support.

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Anonymous says:

I have keloid scarring following surgery 18 months ago and I would welcome any advice to improve it. I have been using Rose Hip oil but to no avail.
Thank you

Margo Marrone says:

We recommend you use Calendula, St John’s wort and propolis cream as the combination of these three wound-healing herbs is perfect to help minimize or reduce scarring. You can also take our homeopathic remedies “thiosinimum, silica, graphites, calc fluor” since this combination is both an excellent scarring preventative and will help to reduce old scars too.
Many thanks

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