Radio Frequency Facial – the new way to iron your wrinkles away

Last week at a dinner party a guest asked me ” Do you have the treatment that irons your wrinkles away?” ‘Yes I do” I replied, thinking what a fantastic way to describe our new Radio Frequency Facial. The secret of many Hollywood A listers and ladies in the know, Radio Frequency is the latest in non surgical face & body firming treatment. When Radio Frequency meets collagen the resulting resistance and heat causes the collagen to contract and tighten. The heat also stimulates the production and growth of new collagen fibres, making it ideal for areas of loose sagging skin on the face and body that require tightening.


 With this in mind I put it to the test at our Kensington High Street store. My treatment started with a consultation (yes, even I need one) to discover my objectives which were the eye area, chin and jaw line.  After a thorough double cleanse first with Carrot Butter Cleanser followed by Rose Cleansing Gel, my squeaky clean skin was then deeply exfoliated with Enzyme Peel Mask (salon strength).


As it was massaged into my skin I felt the tingling straight away and knew the dead keratin cells were being melted away.  Then the Radio frequency started where a large disk was massaged over my skin, getting warmer and warmer until comfortably warm. I actually found the warm massage very relaxing and could have easily fallen asleep. My treatment finished with an application of Rose Plus Brightening Complex, Antioxidant Serum and SPF 50 (just in case).

Brighteing Antioxidant SPF

 What surprised me most was the instant effect it had. My skin was brighter, plumper and visibly firmer. My jaw line more defined and my fine lines clearly diminished. I was most impressed and as I came home my 15 year old who never notices anything asked me what I had done to my skin, but most importantly I felt younger!

Radio Frequency Facials (RF Collagen Facial) cost £100 at any Organic Pharmacy Store 

3 Responses to “Radio Frequency Facial – the new way to iron your wrinkles away”

Julia richards says:

Hi, I am interested in your radio frequency facial – what is your nearest salon to leicester,
Many thanks

Margo Marrone says:

Hi Julia,
Unfortunately we only have salons in London.
Many thanks

Jessica James says:

Dear Organic Pharmacy,

I have been looking into the Radio Frequency facials for a long time now as I have been seriously considering starting to have them, and I am delighted to see that you are now offering them at the Organic Pharmacy as I am a long-time fan of your products and I have trust in you as a business. What I really want to know is, do you think they are safe in the long term? I am concerned that the process is a new one and that the long-term effects are unknown. Also, will your practitioners be very new, and thus inexperienced, in this process? I would love to come to you for the facial but would like to know your thoughts on these concerns.
Kind regards.

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