NEW: Rose Balm

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our Rose Balm! Rose Balm is packed with 7 super plant oils including Argan, Pomegranate, Rose Hip, and Calendula to nourish, protect and and repair the skin, hands, hair and nails. The carefully selected ingredients make this product completely multipurpose, we have devised 20 ways to use our Rose Balm and would love to hear any other ways to use of that you can think of! 20 ways with Rose Balm with image     To be in with a chance of winning one of our NEW Rose Balms, head over to our Facebook page here to enter or take a look at our NEW Rose Balm here!

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stephanie Hultman says:

TOP is my new obsession! I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and found one Plastic Surgeons office that carries it. I am a product junkie and have NEVER been so impressed with anything…and the fact that your line is organic.
This Rose Balm sounds miraculous, like many of your other products. During our winter months I can only imagine the great protection it can offer from dry skin, brittle hair, static hair, my childrens lips who want to pick at then if they are dry.
I have been telling all of my friends about your line. Even the office I bought it from has said that bc of all of my questions and excitement that they are now showing your line to their patients over other lines in their office.
If you ever start to train product specialists here in the USA, other than Beverly Hills I would love to talk to you about becoming an official product specialist! My youngest is going to Kindergarten in the Fall and I will have extra time on my hands. I am a stay at home mom of 8 years who came from selling pharmaceuticals(which is so ironic considering I do not vaccinate, I eat organic and gluten-free and try to only use homeopathic remedies for sickness!!)
I was in their office today ( Dr. Jess Prischmann in Edina, Mn, USA telling them that as they grow if they need a TOP specialist instead of the front staff and their aesthitician who is very busy, that I could be that specialist! I also want them to bring in the genetic testing.
Thanks for you time and your amazing products! I cannot wait to order this Rose Balm and to try your supplements too.
Best Regards,
Stephanie Hultman ps…I am also on facebook so I guess I could have left a reply there. I will make sure to “like’ you so I can see all that you are doing! Send me a note on email or facebook if you ever expand that part of your business. I turned 40 this year so I found you just in time!!!:)

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