Alcohol, Quercus and Milk Thistle

January is typically a month where after the festivities of Christmas and New Year many attempt to abstain from alcohol.

For some it’s easier said than done and if you are finding it hard to abstain there is a wonderful homeopathic remedy called Quercus which helps reduce alcohol cravings.

Traditionally the bark of the Quercus tree supplies corks for wine and other alcoholic beverages, ironic that the same tree as a homeopathic remedy will help reduce cravings for all alcoholic beverages. So if you can’t stop the craving take 2 pills of Quercus 6c twice a day for the whole month.

Cork Tree Milk Thistle and Quercus

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The liver is the main organ that suffers from excess alcohol and research shows that milk thistle will help regenerate damaged liver cells.  15 drops of Milk Thistle tincture twice a day for the month will help maximise liver recovery.


Happy abstaining!

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