3 New Masks

I love skin care and I consider looking after my skin and absolute necessity. One of my favourite things are masks. Whether it’s soaking in a candle lit oil infused bath with a face mask or a pre night out treatment, putting on a mask makes me feel like I’m doing a lot of good for my skin. So it was with great excitement that I started working on the new masks, with Flower Petal and Seaweed Clay Mask already favourites I had a lot of work to do to make the new masks even better.

I usually love to hear ideas from customers and always see what I can create but over the years many had asked for a ready made exfoliating mask with a scrubbing agent. I’ve always been against scrubs that use beads or ground up shells to exfoliate and still am. Let me explain why: All of us no matter how much the directions say gently, tend to scrub the face a little too hard. The tiny beads end up causing tiny microscopic cuts into the skin that cause redness and irritation leading to sensitive, red skin over the years. You will notice for example that Flower petal uses oats and milk as the exfoliating agent. Oats are naturally rich in beta glucans and mucilage and have no sharp edges so they glide over the skin and gently exfoliate whilst milk uses lactic acid. So to create a ready mixed exfoliating mask I had to have an acid action and the science behind it to make sure it works.

Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C and Papaya

For Enzyme Peel Mask I wanted a light gel mask that when used would exfoliate the skin gently leaving it soft and smooth and hydrated even after the first use.
Lactobionic acid is a new generation naturally derived powerful but gentle acid which due to its gentle nature reduces side effects such as stinging or irritation. It stimulates cell renewal, modulates keratinization through exfloliation revealing a brighter complexion. It can be used even on sensitive skin such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and seborrhoea. Added to this are fruit acids from passionflower, lemon, grape and pineapple supplying 31% lactic acid, 15% glycolic acid, 3% citric acid and 1% tartaric acid. It also contains alpha hydroxy organic acids which improve the elasticity of the skin and make the skin feel hydrated. Finally Papaya extract helps break down dead cells so they can be easily removed. The gentle exfoliation helps even out the skin tone and reduces blackheads and dark spots. To feed the skin antioxidants I combined a mixture of Acai, Goji, Pine Bark , Alpha Lipoic Acid and carrot and to further hydrate squalene and sodium hyaluronate. Overall it is an amazing mask that tackles pigmentation, brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone.

Seaweed Purifying Clay Mask

For this mask I wanted to create a really deep cleansing mask that not only cleaned each pore but minimised them too and eliminated black heads. It is known that I won’t launch a product until I am sure it has the wow factor and I can safely say that this mask has that. It is my new I can’t live without Mask. From the first use I noticed a difference in my skin and every time I use it I’m surprised how clean, fresh and smooth my skin feels- like I’ve just had a facial. It combines clay and seaweed to deep cleanse, lavender, eucalyptus and camphor to boost circulation and oxygenation and of course calm the skin. Its ideal to remove daily pollution, congestion and just make the skin look fab.

Honey and Jasmine Mask 

My favourite mask for dehydrated skin this nourishing mask stays one of my favourites. I use it on long and short haul flights to keep my skin hydrated and elastic and whenever I am stressed or my skin is dehydrated. Shea Butter, Rose Hip, Honey and Jasmine really work hard to restore hydration and plump the skin.


I do hope you enjoy using them and look forward to your comments.Please click here to find out more

All three masks will be available to purchase on Saturday 1st September

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Silvia says:

I love OP masks!

I tried to mix two of the masks. First I let the Enzyme mask work on my face for 5 minutes alone. Then I put on Honey Jasmine mask and leave both of them on. I leave it on as long as I can. 1-2 hours.
I am 34 and has started to get some small wrinkles on my forhead. I have to say these wrinkles are GONE after this treatment. Pretty amazing! I have to do this once a week. I also use the the Honey Jasmine mask once/twice a week as a nightcreme.
Hehe, if anyone in the OP firm start to use this and havent heard about it before, please send me some Honey Jasmine mask..lol. I use alot!

If ypu havent tried it yet, try!

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