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I love chocolate- the darker the better but my waistline and conscious would protest. Why couldn’t I have a chocolate that was sugar free and with every bite I could feed my cells with nutritious ingredients that left me completely guilt free. With this in mind I began to look into my ideal chocolate bar. I already knew that dark chocolate had many health benefits from cardiovascular health and antioxidant activity from the naturally occuring flavonoids but my research showed it was also rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese. One of the reasons we consume over 3 million tonnes of cocoa every year (World Cocoa Foundation) could be due to the small amounts of a natural chemical found in cocoa called phenylethylamine with is a gentle mood elevator or feel good factor.

The Mayans and Aztects considered chocolate to be so precious it was used as currency along with gold and silver. For them chocolate or xocolatl was revered for its nourishment as an elixir and they even forbade women from drinking it. Mixed with Chilli , hot cocoa was served as a stimulating, high energy drink with aphrodisiac properties and was reserved for the rich.

So my starting point was selecting a rich raw organic chocolate from Equador. Raw chocolate has over 300 nutrients and because it never heated above 41 degrees all the nutrients retain their goodness. What really struck me though was the rich depth of flavour I have never experienced before. To this wonderful base I wanted to add other superfoods and chose Goji, Acai, Bluberries and Cranberries each rich in a host of phytonutrients and antioxidants. A small dose of Agave nectar, the low GI sugar free sweetener gives just enough sweetness which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


The result is Glamour Food Antioxidant chocolate- a delicious dark chocolate with a burst of fruit that I can enjoy knowing it is full of goodness and a whopping 4500 ORAC value per bar that leaves me completely guilt free. I hope you enjoy!

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On the Glam says:

Wow, i need to try this. I have a feeling most of the chocolate I’ve indulged in isn’t the healthiest. Would love a guilt-free (and good-for-me) treat!

Margo Marrone says:

The chocolate is delicious with a soft, rich texture and it really is good-for-you and guilt free- enjoy.

Naina says:

I absolutely loved this glamour chocolate!! I have tried many types of raw chocolates over the years but this one tops it!!! Like you say, good for you and completely guilt free – Wow!! I hope Organic Pharmacy come out with many more different flavoured agave nectared chocs…

Beth Kay says:

I love the sound of this will definitely have to buy some for the whole family !
Beth at

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