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Breast, Neck and Bottom Firming Lotion

How to improve your Bust and Bottom without surgery It all seems a bit frivolous but lets face it women are just as interested in their cleavage as men. Italian and French women know that spending a few minutes each …

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Jasmine Night Conditioner

Regenerate your skin whilst you sleep Jasmine Night Conditioner has always been one of my favourite products so when it came to revamping it I couldn’t wait to ramp up its power. For me formulating a product is the best …

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Rose Diamond Face Cream

Think firmer, smoother skin with the radiance of a diamond My passion has always been to utilize the technology in nature with phytopharmaceutical standard extracts and clinically proven bioactives to give outstanding efficacy. With this in mind I wanted to …

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Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil

  Body Oil For irresistibly soft skin. Mist a light veil of oil directly on your body and allow the powerful antioxidants and seductive scent to caress you. Massage Oil Relax with a massage and let the soft aroma of …

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Skin Brushing

Skin Brushing   How to firm the skin, reduce cellulite and boost the lymphatic system with dry brushing. Dry skin brushing is a simple but powerful way to reduce cellulite, drain the lymphatic system and firm and nourish the skin. …

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The Rose Diamond Facial

The Rose Diamond collection is our most luxurious treatment to surpass every expectation and ensure visible results after every facial. We’ve harnessed the extraordinary power of nature from essence of Rose, extract of Diamonds, natural growth factors, lifting agents and ceramides to infuse the skin …

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Our Anti Hair-Loss Programme

We all love our hair to look, thick, healthy, shiny and luxurious but sometimes thinning hair and hair loss can occur and is common in both men and women. Reasons can vary from simple causes such as a vitamin deficiency or …

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Pre-Wedding Wellbeing Tips

Margo Marrone at The Organic Pharmacy shares her tips for brides-to-be on the countdown to their big day. Find out how to look and feel radiant here.

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Beauty benefit of Toners

Toners are the hidden gems in skin care – often skipped or considered one of those steps that aren’t important. Gone are the days when toners were designed to take off make- up, on the contrary our toners are packed …

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