8 Weeks to a Healthy Toned Body

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The Organic Pharmacy has put together an 8-week plan to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Take the first steps towards a dimple-free body today.

At some point in almost every woman’s life, no matter what shape or size she is, cellulite will develop. Unfortunately we’re all prone to it (unlike men who don’t store fat in the same way) and some of us even more so as a result of our genes.

Fortunately though, there’s lots we can do to improve its appearance, and with summer approaching steadily that’ll be good news to everyone! Start now, and in 8 weeks, you could have a healthy toned body you’re proud of.

What Causes Cellulite?

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Normal healthy skin has a subcutaneous layer of fat beneath it, and is connected to the underlying muscle by fibrous tissue. Cellulite appears when the fat cells between these fibrous cords push up against the skin while the long, tough cords are pulling down, creating an uneven surface.

When the body stores too much fat, these fat cells will also start to constrict the blood and lymph vessels, which impairs the drainage of water and toxins. This water retention, or oedema, can also give the skin a dimpled, orange peel effect.

The main causes of cellulite (besides being a woman and its being hereditary) are:

  • Damage to blood vessels and poor circulation
  • Collagen and elastin changes surrounding fat cells
  • Hypertrophy of fat cells (they grow bigger)
  • Oedema
  • Toxin accumulation and poor lymph movement

Min Causes

The Stages of Cellulite

When cellulite develops there are actually four stages. Stages one to three can be reversed, while stage four can be very stubborn. Fortunately stage four is very rare and stages one to three are much more common.

The key changes that occur are:

Stage 1

Stage 1 Cellulite

Capillaries become more permeable


  • Blood plasma leaks between fat cells
  • Oedema and fluid leakage causes swelling
  • Collagen and elastin start to break down
  • Fat cells start to accumulate and group together


Stage 2

Stage 2 Cellulite


Capillaries and blood vessels become more permeable

  • Blood plasma leakage between fat cells continues
  • Oedema and fluid leakage continues
  • Collagen and elastin break down continues
  • Fat cells start to clump together and move upwards.

Stage 3

Capillaries and blood vessels become more permeable

Stage 3 Cellulite

Capillaries and blood vessels become more permeable

  • Blood plasma leakage between fat cells continues
  • Oedema and fluid leakage continues
  • Collagen and Elastin break down continues
  • Grouped fat cells start to form nodules with fibrous bands

Cellulite Treatment

Treating cellulite can take time and to see results a minimum of 8 weeks is needed, particularly if stages of development are more advanced. The key to achieving a firmer more toned body is multi-layered, and as well as exercise and diet includes:

1. Improving blood circulation

Improving blood circulation


2. Reducing the size of fat cells

Reducing the size of fat cells

3. Improving skin and lymph circulation

Improving skin and lymph circulation


4. Strengthening capillaries

Strengthening capillaries

4. Reducing swelling

 Reducing swelling

5. Nourishing the skin

 Nourishing the skin

6. Removing toxins

Removing toxins

The Organic Pharmacy 8 Week Plan

To help with all the above follow the plan below every day for 8 weeks.

Detox Capsules

Detox Capsules

To help remove toxins from the gut and body, take three Detox Capsules every morning with a large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it.

Resculpting Body Scrub

Resculpting Body Scrub

Before you shower, massage a penny size to each arm and leg of Resculpting Body Scrub, which contains juniper, chilli, green coffee and bamboo to improve circulation and help with drainage. It will feel a bit dry at first but in the shower is liquefies with the water and turns into a milky scrub/wash.

Detox Cellulite Body Oil

After showering and towel drying, place four pumps of Detox Cellulite Body Oil on your Skin Brush and brush the body from the feet towards the heart.

Skin brushing with Detox Cellulite Body oil nourishes the skin making it firmer and hydrated, and also improves blood circulation to help remove waste. To see how to skin brush watch our video here.

Resculpting Body Gel

Resculpting Body Gel

The final step to achieving beautiful smooth skin is applying Resculpting Body Gel to the bottom, thighs, upper arms and tummy.

The Science Behind Our Resculpting Body Gel

Our Resculpting Body Gel is unique in that it combines 4 modes of action:

  • Fat cell reduction – contains thermogenic chilli and green coffee which is known to break down fat cells to fatty acids and glycerol, reducing their size.
  • Improves microcirculation – contains a chilli, menthol and horse chestnut complex medically proven to enhance blood flow.
  • Drains excess fluid – contains dandelion, grapefruit and Oregon grape known for their diuretic activity.
  • Increases GAG synthesis – contains mountain ash, fig and extract of flax mucilage known to reduce the degradation of collagen and hydrate the skin.

Eating During Your 8 Week Plan

Our favourite Juice

To see maximum results, follow our 10 Day Detox Plan for a healthy balanced and nutritious diet with no starvation. Of course, a good exercise plan is also necessary, and about 20-30 minutes of exercises like cycling, hiking or squats is ideal.

Our favourite Juice shot for this plan is:

1 ginger root

1 lemon

2 celery sticks

1 cucumber

2 sprigs mint

Juice it all up and drink every day to nourish cells and boost circulation!

Most Effective Treatments

If you need results faster than 8 weeks a combination of our Lipoderm & Inch loss Radio Frequency Treatments and our Green Coffee Treatment can give serious results fast. Take a look at our treatments page to find out more.

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